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Re: MOO vs. LPMUD, Pueblo, etc

> From Fri Jun 14 15:52:07 1996
> Actually, the mass market doesn't even have the patience to figure out
> DOS, so what's the difference?  They still call in geeks like us when
> the want to set up a machine or learn how to do something.  Either
> that or they just take the machine the way the dealer sold it to them
> and ask the dealer when they have a problem -- the blind leading the
> blind.  I see no reason why this gives Microsoft any advantage over
> Linux.  The real truth is that the mass market still doesn't know
> about Linux, but I suspect that they will before too much longer.
> Remember, the internet was for geeks, even after Mosiac, until
> Netscape came along.  Geeks like us were busy using ftp and archie and
> telnet on dumb VT-100 terminals long before any GUI stuff was around.
> The right packaging will make Linux attractive to the masses too: a
> good start is to have dealers that will sell you a Linux box set up
> and ready to go on the net, and those same dealers willing to hand
> hold just like they do new DOS/W95 users today.

My Dad wouldn't install Linux, even on a spare partition, coz he didn't want to 
bother learning it.  And he programs in APL and started in computers when they 
were still punching paper tape.... 

> Sorry for the comeback, but I see the MOO as a valuable tool on the
> net, not just a toy or a game.  I see Linux as the ideal way for a
> small corporation to put a moo up on the net, along with a web server,
> ftp server, etc.

SHHHHHHHHH!!  How am I supposed to convince people to buy and use Solaris on 
SPARC/Intel/PPC and Netscape servers if you guys are going to shout about 
Freeware like Linux, Apache, INN, etc on a public forum like this?????

It's Anti-American not to make a profit, remember!



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