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Re: declaring prop on #1 crashes server

Amy wrote:
>This is reproducable:
>declaring a new property on #1 crashes our server

I just tried it on ours, and it is neither reproducable nor reproducible.

>We are running 1.8.0p5 with some server mods that are attached bellow.

We are also running 1.8.0p5, and our server mods is just FUP, so I won't
attach them bellow (nor below).

>Our machine is a Dec AlphaStation 250 4/266 running OSF/1 V3.2
>We have 192 Mb of physical RAM and 650 Mb of swap space.
>The process takes up 134 Mb on booting, and that's what it was
>taking up when the server crashed.

Our machine is also a Dec Alpha, running the same system.
Thanks to FUP, we're far from reaching any RAM limits.
Any estimate on what the size of your MOO would have been, after adding the
prop on #1 (how much is max_object() ?), had it not crashed?

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