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Re: declaring prop on #1 crashes server

Your message dated: Fri, 14 Jun 96 10:21:51 PDT
> I just tried it on ours, and it is neither reproducable nor reproducible.
It is on ours....
> attach them bellow (nor below).

Oh grrr.... spelling critiqued by a non-native speaker.  Ptooey!  :-)

> Any estimate on what the size of your MOO would have been, after adding the
> prop on #1 (how much is max_object() ?), had it not crashed?

=> 27560074
=> #1211  (fourteen Crescents)

The process is taking up only 134 Mb and the memory allocation it failed on is
small.  The machine has lots of RAM and swap as I mentionned, so it doesn't
make sense to me that we're really running out of memory.

The only other weirdness about our db is that we had a fork bomb problem
the other day and Pavel gave us some code to get rid of all forked tasks.
Could that have corrupted something?  I doubt it, but I thought I should
mention it.

We're also doing a lot of in-db parsing and using lots of regexps.


All help appreciated!

-- Amy


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