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FUP leaks..?

>I think I've noticed that almost all of the people with increased process
>size have either used FUP or the regexp heavily. (Most being the former) As
>said by (sorry, forget the name) creator of FUP, FUP uses regexp and has some
>leaks...He said it'd be several weeks before a fixed version of FUP was
>released. (Please correct if I'm wrong.)

I am one of the, um, perpetrators of FUP.
And well, I'm now in the weird position of (unexpectedly) having some time
to look into this FUP memory leakage, but not having a test case to work on.
As FUP uses the matching software properly (this still surprises me ;),
when Pavel fixed the leak in new_pattern, he also solved FUP's leak. So
there seems to be no leak to fix now.

If anyone can provide me an example of a FUP call that leaks memory, I'll
be glad to look into it.
Of course, this means for FUP 1.8 and MOO 1.8.0p5.


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