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Re: Means of gathering data

>Thank you for pointing this out to me, and if you could point me in the
>direction of those MOO security documents I would very much like to have a
>look at them.  The MOO I'm a wiz on is small, everybody knows everybody else,
>but we're starting to grow...

Um, in BioMOO's library we have a security document by Seth, and one by Rog
- feel free to drop by. I guess their authors (and many others) can provide
better pointers to more updated stuff.

>While we're on the subject, I have an interesting question.  'player' will
>revert to its initial value in the calling verb when the calling verb is not
>running with wizard permissions.  What happens if a wiz-owned verb changes
>player, sets task perms to non-wizard, then calls another verb?  Will 'player'
>stick to the value set when the task had wizard permissions, or will it revert
>to the inital value of player in the original verb, because the task didn't
>have wiz perms when it made the new verb call?

The latter is the actual behaviour, as documented in the Programmers' Manual.


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