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Re: the robot site

On Thu, 27 Jun 1996, Edward Goff wrote:

> I'm running lambda mo 1.8.0p5 and would like to find this "robot" site
> that I have heard so much about .
A few of us have begun to develop a site devoted to AICore research.
Initially it was set up to provide a convenient multi-user object 
environment to construct defeasible logic graphs.  Since one aspect of 
these sorts of computations involves a forward chaining algorithm for 
color propagation in the graphs, an advanced programmable bot orignially 
written by Michael_Swift was brought over.  A varient which allows for the
'hard-wired' brain of a bot to be extended with multiple additional 
brains was also ported to AICore (thanx oommoo).  Now there are several 
varients of new bots and bot brains under development that allow bots to 
interact with the web, markov chainers, and metaroom mazes.

> I'm looking for a good robot that I can
> at least model my work after that can do the following. 
The basic generic humanoid would suit your purposes quite well.  Since 
it can provide sets of KEY / RES sets to be organized into stages.
You can construct KEY / RES sets of triggers, where the KEY portion can 
be simple strings or even regular expressions, al la match() . . . the 
RES portion of a set can be one of four types, by default the robot 
utters the response, 'a!' as a prefix operator causes the bot to emote 
something, 's!x!' will move the bot to stage 'x' (for multi-stage bots), 
and most interestingly the 'v!' operator allows the RES to trigger the 
call of a verb on the bot.  There is also a 'lifecycle' concept built in 
to allow the 'generic active object' sorts of bot behaviors.

> "any help .. and any moo cows sites that have robots.. or any other neat
> items I would appreciate knowing about.
We also have a copy of Garrett's autoporter if you would like us to 
install a bot on your moo, e.g., just create a programmer in your moo and 
let us know the location, port, user, password and we will @@copy one to 
your site.

Drop by for a visit

We are not used to many visitors, so as a result our social fo's might be 
lacking ;>



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