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listen() probs?

In the last 24 hours I've had a weird problem happen on both of my MOOs 
(which are running on the same machine, a Linux 1.2.11 box).  First last 
night, the smaller moo (frontier), stopped listening on the primary port 
(7000).  I happened to be still logged in, just other players told me 
that they were unable to connect, and I tested it myself - even from the 
local machine - and couldn't connect either.  ;listeners() still showed 
up with port 7000 still in the list, but it just wasn't answering.  I
was able to correct that one by doing ;unlisten(7000) then ;listen(#0,7000).

Then today, the same thing happened to my other moo (on port 7007).  I 
knew it was still running, and I could connect to it via the web port, 
but not the regular login port.  I had to kill -15 the moo this time and 
restart it to fix the problem.

Has anyone else experienced this, or have any ideas as to why it's 
happening, and what a fix might be?

Thanks for any info.

-Jackie Hamilton (


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