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Re: listen() probs?

At 10:25 AM 7/1/96 PDT, Jacqueline Hamilton wrote:
>In the last 24 hours I've had a weird problem happen on both of my MOOs 
>(which are running on the same machine, a Linux 1.2.11 box).  First last 
>night, the smaller moo (frontier), stopped listening on the primary port 
>(7000).  I happened to be still logged in, just other players told me 
>that they were unable to connect, and I tested it myself - even from the 
>local machine - and couldn't connect either.  ;listeners() still showed 
>up with port 7000 still in the list, but it just wasn't answering.  I
>was able to correct that one by doing ;unlisten(7000) then ;listen(#0,7000).

This is obviously a bug.  I have had the exact same problem, and I did the
exact same things to get it working again.  The odd thing is that I'm
running two cores on the exact same server.  The problem is chronic on the
smaller core, but the larger core is unaffected.  I think the smaller one
gets more connections though.  I tried running the small core on a few OS's.
All the machines have the same problem.

- Kipp

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