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More force_input() and $do_command()...

Now wait a sec... (and it's time to spark some debate!)

Pavel posted a response to somebody's message about this thread,
saying that the connection was not made so the text was parsed by
do_login_command() instead of do_command().  Okay, I guess.  Stupidly,
I didn't think about this stuff until now, so here's my philosophy
on the subject.  Basically, I'm trying to decide if this is "right".

I believe that the only connections that should send to 
do_login_command() are those which are negative object numbers, /not/
including people who aren't logged in.  This seems more correct to
me, seeing that, if the server gets a command from any positive
object number, it normally treats it as being from a connected
object, and if I remember Pavel's post correctly (and if not, them
I'm just a moron and this whole post can be ignored), this makes the
server take input from a positive object number and pass it through

Another issue... what about multiple listeners?  Should we make an
extra argument for force_input() to tell what listener object to
send the command to?  I know that most people currently probably
are only using #0 for everything with the possible exception of a
web server (like me), but still, we lose "functionality" if we can
only force_input() to #0.  Agreements?  Disagreements?

If anything comes of this thread and people agree with me, I think
we should have the next maintainer add a patch for it.  (Pavel, will
you be announcing the new maintainer soon?  If not, I may ask for
any bug fixes and make an unofficial one myself if people agree with
me here.)


(Please don't flame... civilized debate only.)

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