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Mooca in late Beta

With the announcement of Amy's MacMoose_utils (they're a truely wonderful
achievement ;-), I thought that I'd announce our little addition to

It is called Mooca, and it is the first step in our Moo/Java interface.
There are about 5 Moo/Java attempts out right now that work win95 and
something else, and what we have is functionality.  Mooca runs on the
ubiquitous Java platform Windows95, as well as on my lowly RS/6k, AND
MacPPC.  It is close to working on a 68k mac.

It offers NOTHING but the ability to connect to the Mud as this point, as
we don't consider bells and whistles that only work on one platform of much

Please check it out, if you will at,
and let us know if it works (there is a bugs form), and especially if it
does not.

Mooca has been tested on:
Generic Pentium/win96
PPC7200/90 / 7.5.3 OT1.1
RS/6k AIX4.1.4
MacLC475 7.5.3 (failed)

Thanks in advance for your interest and feedback.


 Jason Nolan    
 Curriculum Department
 Ontario Institute for Stupidity in Education, U of T

* Note that the new address is *

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