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Re: More pgperf compile problems...

> Okay, I took out the -p flag and that got rid of the mcrt1.o problem.  
> Now it's getting undefined symbols.  Maybe some libraries aren't 
> installed?  Where should I get them so I can install them?  Any ideas?
> Once again, it's on a Sun Sparc with Solaris.

> Undefined                       first referenced
>  symbol                             in file
> bzero                               hashtable.o
> srandom                             perfect.o
> bcopy                               getopt.o
> random                              perfect.o
> index                               getopt.o
> mcount                              options.o

The first five of these are in /lib/libc.a, the standard C library, on my
Solaris machine (2.5.1); I don't know why your system isn't finding them.

The reference to the function mcount() is left over from your earlier -p
compilations.  Remove all of the .o files and re-make to get rid of that error.

I never used Solaris as a MOO development platform, so I never needed pgperf to
compile there.  Good luck.


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