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New MOO Maintainer: Erik Ostrom

I am more pleased than you can possibly imagine to be able to announce my
successor as the official maintainer of the LambdaMOO server code:

	Erik Ostrom <>

Erik is better known in some circles as Joe_Feedback, Geust, or Joe; he's been
hacking MOO for many years, was a prominent wizard on LambdaMOO, and is one of
the founders and leaders of JHM (aka JaysHouseMOO).  He is easily qualified to
take over the reins of LambdaMOO server maintenance; I sincerely hope that you
will all be as nice to and supportive of him and you have been for me over the
past 6-3/4 years.  He deserves it and, I dare say, LambdaMOO deserves it.


I always thought it would be easy and joyous to write this letter, but to my
vast surprise, it's not that at all.  The LambdaMOO server has been a major
part of my life for a long time now, and everything it's led to has profoundly
and permanently changed that life.  Many of you have been an important part of
that transformation and, for that, I am enormously grateful to you.  Thank you
all very much for travelling this far along the MOO road with me; I hope the
rest of the journey is as rewarding for you as the first part has been for me.

I'm off to other things now, but rest assured: unless something goes really
wrong, you should be hearing more from me in the future.  In the meantime, take
care, help Erik, and work together to add more proud chapters to MOO's history.

Thanks again,



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