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Re: New Features Wanted...

At 10:26 -0800 7/23/96, Bastian wrote:
>It looks a lot like everyone is wanting features that allow the
>non-standardization of MOO cores.

I do hope different cores to be different! If E_CORE was doomed to have the
limitations of the LambdaCore, what would be the point of making a new core?

>I mean, I could be wrong, but
>basically, as each MOO finds it easier and easier to change their server,
>and add new built-ins, the code of verbs w/i the MOO itself will work less
>and less well with other MOOs.

Well that will (and should) always remain the each MOO owners choice: to
add or not to add extra functionalities at the cost of compatibility with
other MOOs.

BTW before 1.8 and extensions.c it was pretty hard to install new stuff...
did that prevented FUP (for example) to spread? Nope. Just makes people
waste time installing it.

Now if you download ext-FUP.tar.gz, you uncompress, untar, add 2 lines to
your extensions.c file (an #include and a function call) and recompiles the
exntensions.c, relink and restart your MOO with the new executable.
On the Mac version, just drop the FUP plug-in in the plugin folder and
restart your MOO.

It appears to me that extending the MOO will be more and more pleasant and
such make it easier to use it in ways the original designers never though
about :-)
And it's because it's extensible doesn't mean that you can't use the plain
version... if you want to remain standard :) Some people add zillions of
extensions to their Mac system and it makes it does thing the original OS
designer never planned... some other just keep the straight standard
install... Everybody is happy :)

Let's leave the choice to the server users about what functionalities they
want to add (and maybe remove if some functionalities come as optional




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