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$MacMOOSE_utils 1.0a3MOO

$MacMOOSE_utils are now publicly available.

MacMOOSE is a client programs for Macs which provides:
* An object browser, listing all the verbs and properties on an object.
  Double-click on a verb or property to pull up an editor for it.
* A verb editor.  You can do Mac-style WYSIWYG editing of your verb code.
  Arguments are changed from pull-down menus; permissions with check-boxes.
* A property editor.  Permissions are changed with check boxes.
* Help in a separate window

MacMOOSE version 1.0 parsed output from standard LambdaCore functions.
Version 2.0 requires you to install a special server protocol to be able to
use the advanced editing functions.  This has made the client's behavior much
more robust.

You can try MacMOOSE out on MediaMOO and HijinxMOO.  If you'd like to
install $macmoose_utils on your MOO, they are now available on our web page:

-- Amy,


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