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Re: $MacMOOSE_utils 1.0a3MOO

On Wed, 17 Jul 1996, Amy Bruckman wrote:

> MacMOOSE is a client programs for Macs which provides:
> * An object browser, listing all the verbs and properties on an object.
>   Double-click on a verb or property to pull up an editor for it.
> * A verb editor.  You can do Mac-style WYSIWYG editing of your verb code.
>   Arguments are changed from pull-down menus; permissions with check-boxes.
> * A property editor.  Permissions are changed with check boxes.
> * Help in a separate window

I had planned to create a similar interface to the MOO administrative
stuff that would, with authentication, permit a web client to modify
MOO-data through the use of forms.  I plan to get it going once I get
my web httpd fully HTTP/1.1 compliant.  Has anyone done this yet?  I
tend to unknowingly reinvent the wheel (so to speak) with some of my
MOO-code, and although I don't mind doing this, I'd like to see what
others have done as well.

On a side note, either this list has been extremely low-volume in
the past week or so, or there is something wrong.  I don't know if
I've received and MOO-Cows mail except that which has been sent to, and still not very much.  Can someone
confirm this?  I thought that both and worked.  I'm sure I'll get spammed with
lots of "It's just you." messages now. :)  Although I'd appreciate
some kind of confirmation, please don't reply to the list (for 
obvious reasons), but, if you have a moment, do reply.



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