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Re: [Bugs] listen()

So, when do we get to hear from the new maintainer?

I'd like to know what kinds of plans he has for the server in the future 
(not necessarily the near future ;) etc.

I'd also like to know the status of the listen() bug.  It happens to be 
effecting one of the MOOs I frequent.

While the fix suggested was a good one (having a 'cron' job of sorts 
periodically unlisten and listen again) it shouldn't have to be done 
in-db like that, especially when it is effecting the primary listening 

Anyone? anyone?

I think jackie mentioned in her post (the first one a few weeks back) 
that the machine the server ran on was linux (1.2.11) .. in the interim 
I'd suggest at least moving to 1.2.13 (or, better yet, 2.0.7 ... 2 is 
suppossed to be a 'stable' release as oppossed to any of the 1.3 series 

aka Barrett && Archwiz @ RiverMOO

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