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[CORE] E_CORE1 release info

We've gotten more queries in the past few days concerning the release of
E_CORE than are really warranted.  As such, we feel it necessary to make
these announcements concerning the release of E_CORE.

E_CORE1 is not vaporware.  We fully intend to release a working core
database that can be used in place of some of the other publicly avaible
core databases (the same issues apply concerning merging of existing
databases to new cores: it can't be done).

The first version of E_CORE will be termed E_CORE1 (versions will not be
signified solely by release date).  

A release date for E_CORE1 has not be set yet, but we are shooting for
Fall96.  A stripped down beta version of it may be released a few weeks
before.  This is tenative though.

Information on the features that E_CORE1 will contain can be found at
  (requires a browser that supports tables)

The feature list found at the above URL is updated as progress is made (so,
if you don't see anything changing, that means that no progress is being made).

Few new features (if any) will be added to the feature list, but things may
be removed at our whim (we can do that, we are the developers).

It is not recommended that E_CORE1 be used in an untrusted programmer
environment.  Given the amount of evolution in the design of E_CORE
concerning security, command processing, and verb writing, all the new
security issues are not guarnteed to have been ironed out. It is ideal for
RPG or purely social type settings.  E_CORE1 should not be used for MOOs
that just plan on handing out wizard and programmer bits willy-nilly.

E_CORE1 will require the existance of a few built-in functions which will be
provided as an ext-*.c file in the distribution tar (yes, it will be
distributed as a tape archive format file).  Directions on how to use the
included files and how to patch extensions.c to use these new built-ins will
also be provided.

E_CORE1 will full advantage of the space saving convience provided by BioMOO
and Company's FUP package.  We may provide FUP as another ext-*.c file in
the distribution tar for those who do not have it (as long as this is okay
with the programmers/maintainers/distributors of FUP).  

Anything requiring server mods beyond extensions.c are not going to be in
E_CORE1 (but may be in later releases).

E_MOO is based on the LambdaCore of two years ago, updated with recent ports
from JHCore and recent LambdaCores.  Care has been taken to ensure the
resulting core's "look and feel" is close to Lambdacore, but many features
are completely new or quite different from their Lambdacore or JHcore

We make no warranties, expressed or implied as to the state or operation of
E_CORE1 or anything else.

Licensing issues, if there will be any, have yet to be determined.  Most
likely paths will be either GPL or freeware.  We are not willing to give up
the rights to the code we have busted our asses to develop; give credit
where credit is due.

Support for the release will be at our discression.  We do not have, and
there are no plans for, an 800-number support line. :)

E_CORE gets its name from E_MOO, which is a parody on the MOO error codes.
Type 'help errors', then you will get it (hopefully).  E_MOO is spelled
'E_MOO', not eMOO, e_MOO, e_Moo, Emoo, or EMOO.  The shorten form, 'emoo',
is acceptable when necessary (it rarely is).  I've noticed a number of MOO
listing web pages that have E_MOO spelled wrong.

The E_MOO Maintainers

Andy 'don't do anything, I messed up the parser' Bakun
        ------  ThwartedEfforts ------
                                      Richard 'one more bf wrapper' Godard
                                            ------ Janus ------
     Charles 'idea rat' Adams        
      ------ Scrytch ------

                            -- and the rest of the E_MOO development staff.

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