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Re: $MacMOOSE_utils 1.0a3MOO

> From Thu Jul 18 03:54:17 1996
> I had planned to create a similar interface to the MOO administrative
> stuff that would, with authentication, permit a web client to modify
> MOO-data through the use of forms.  I plan to get it going once I get
> my web httpd fully HTTP/1.1 compliant.  Has anyone done this yet?

WOOM1.0 has a full Webbed verb/prop editor in it - Jeni wrote it quite early on, 
while I was writing the personalised Mail reader.  It basically does all the 
above.  It can be found working wonderfully on MOOtiny, Tecfa and Sprawl last I 
looked, probably lots more, we encourage porting.  When you look at an object 
via the web, the name is a link.  Click on that, and you're in the editor with 
it (if you have the perms).

BTW - visit my website - Java and forms if available, lots of links on stuff, 
including MOOs.  If you have a Mac *please* come, and save any work first, as if 
you're a Netscape 2.0-3.0 user it will crash out your Mac.

No damage is done, and after a restart, please fill in a bug form at Netscape's 
Web site.  I'm running a campaign to get them to fix the Java support.  The 
pages work fine if you switch Java off before you visit.


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