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Re: $MacMOOSE_utils 1.0a3MOO

On Wed, 17 Jul 1996, Nate Massey wrote:

> On a side note, either this list has been extremely low-volume in
> the past week or so, or there is something wrong.  I don't know if
> I've received and MOO-Cows mail except that which has been sent to
>, and still not very much.  Can someone
> confirm this?  I thought that both and
> worked.

	I receive mail from both.  Dunno what the difference is though.
But, if you think you might've missed out some message these past days,
check out

	I'm not promising bells and whistles on that archive.  It's a
test I'm currently running.   Should it perform the way I like it, I'll
leave it.  Right now, there are some minor junk that needs to be cleaned
up, that's about it.

	Junkies 'R' Us


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