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[help request] Guests broken (3 out of 8)


I posted this to Moo-Calves, and did not get a solution, though I got some
great suggestions.  If anyone could help, I'd appreciate it.

I have 8 'guests' on Moooise.  Three of them were created recently.
These three get the following error when people try to use them, and no
login takes place.  The other five function fine.

#20:connection_hostname_bsd, line 3:  Type mismatch
... called from #20:connection_hostname, line 2
... called from #10:record_connection, line 8
... called from #10:co*nnect @co*nnect, line 65
... called from #0:do_login_command, line 20
(End of traceback)

I did for a while change the
@setprop #32.home to #16 (an alternative home for guests with help
information).  I have returned it to #16.

Could this have done it?

This is 1.7.9 version of LM, and I am working on upgrading the db, but it
will take a while because the box that I'm on does not have a proper C
compiler working since it was upgraded.

Any suggestions as to how I might repair this, if I've indeed done it?



 Jason Nolan    
 Curriculum Department
 Ontario Institute for Stupidity in Education, U of T

* Note that the new address is *

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