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Re: [inconsistency] -Upgrading LambdaCor

From:  D. Jason Nolan[]
Sent:  Thursday, July 25, 1996 9:14 PM
To:  moo-cows
Subject:  [inconsistency] -Upgrading LambdaCore to 1.8.0-

This takes place on my mac at home, not my RS/6k, using MGM.

I was upgrading the core using this wonderful facility from, and I noticed the following.  Unfortunately,   
only smart enough to notice that this is a problem, not to determine if   
problem is serious.  The verb compiled well.  Any comments would be

 -Upgrading LambdaCore to 1.8.0-


If you used the $code_utils verbs on the earlier pages, you'll want to
 change this line (21):

   while (loc >= 0 && verb_args(object, tostr(loc)) != argspec)
to this:
   while (loc >= 1 && ...
or optionally:
   while (loc && ...

BUT from the LambdaCore-latest.db it looks different:

lis 21
 21:       while ((loc >= 0) && (verb_args(object, tostr(loc)) !=   

so I did this

"     while ((loc >= 1) && (verb_args(object, tostr(loc)) != argspec))

Was this any good?


86:    for n in [0..length(vrbs) - 1]
87:      vrb = setadd(vrb, {what, tostr(n)});

These are really lines 90-91, right?

101:       for n in [0..length(verbs(z)) - 1]
102:         vrb = setadd(vrb, {z, tostr(n)});

These are really lines 105-106, right?

133:    short = strsub(y = index(q, " ") ? q[1..y - 1] | q, "*", "");
into this:

These are really lines 137, right?

 Jason Nolan    
 Curriculum Department
 Ontario Institute for Stupidity in Education, U of T

* Note that the new address is *

I was upgrading to the new server lately with a
complete new database based on LambdaCore... I
remember to having to search around to find some
of the code mentionned... Mostly, the "wonderful
facility" doesn't list all the changes who have to
be done, but mainly those who must be done. Look
a little around, a learn a lot doing that :)

I notice some more tricky ones in doing that and
posted to this list... Helas! I lose temporarely
the access to my account and can't retreive it.
If you have access to an archive of this mailing
list, check around the month of june...

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