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Re: Security... and stuff

At 07:22 PM 7/20/96 -0500, Don Schwarz wrote:
>> Disconnect the player.

>Well, I haven't tried it but I'm guessing that this won't work.  One of the
>main reasons that the .flush command was created is that in 1.8.0, when
>players disconnect, their command queue stays around until it's empty.

Yes, but if force_input() keeps calling itself, a new command isn't added to
the queue until the previous command runs force_input(), so the queue always
has 1 command in it.  When the player is disconnected, the call to
force_input() returns E_INVARG because the player isn't connected.

Now this won't work if force_input() was called a million times in one
command tho.  If this happens, you should prolly handle it the same way you
would handle a million notify()'s... (how that would be, I don't know)

- Kipp


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