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Re: #2 ISO info on distributed MOOs

SenseMedia has a distributed MOO server, that I believe surpasses any other
work that has been done with such things previously. We do support
'cyberportals', as well as automatic distribution of (some) objects,
messages, and more.
We also have a collection of papers on MOO technology, primarily focused on
webbed moo, at (Look for some new papers here
soon.) I believe Tef, (Andy Abakun), also has a paper(s) on in db parsing,
and perhaps some other things, though I don't have a url for that offhand.

        Kayla Block (aka Irradiate)

>I'm looking for any information on distributed MOOs.  Ie., MOO servers
>which support "gates" or "cyberportals", MOO servers using a partially
>or totally distributed database, MOO servers supporting automatic
>distribution of objects or messages, etc.
>On a related note, there seem to be large collections of papers
>related to social elements of MOOs, but very few about the technical


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