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Re: #2 ISO info on distributed MOOs

I hate it when my mail editor scrubs message attribution, but,
someone said:

>I'm looking for any information on distributed MOOs.  Ie., MOO servers
>which support "gates" or "cyberportals", MOO servers using a partially
>or totally distributed database, MOO servers supporting automatic
>distribution of objects or messages, etc.
>On a related note, there seem to be large collections of papers
>related to social elements of MOOs, but very few about the technical

    networking, remote procedure calls, distributed rooms (VROOMS),
    property mirrors (caching)

    in-db multiple inheritance, integrating MI and SI objects

    WWW to MOO gateways

    client design, Client-Server messaging (MCP, XMCP/1.1, MacMOOSE,
    early MCP/2.0 prototypes)

The URLs usually contain a wealth of documentation (of variable
quality since these aren't intended as published works and who's
gonna do the damned peer-review anyways!) and examples of MOO code,
most of which is portable to LMCore and JHCore MOOs.




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