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Re: wish lists

At 10:19 -0800 7/23/96, Judy Anderson wrote:
>   Date: Mon, 22 Jul 1996 23:56:19 PDT
>   From:
>   The MOO language should have the syntax of:
>	   a += 1;
>Ew!  Please, no.  Please do not rush to turn MOO into C.
>Keep it simple.  MOO is a great first language.  Let's not complexify
>it for little gain.
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I would like to second yudJ concern here.

I'm not in a hurry to see perl-like stuff neither.

If there are to be synyax changed, I would rather like see = bar;
to implicitely call set_property_value(obj, "foo", bar), so a wrappers
assignement on property assignement. (and of course bar =; would do
an implicit call to property_value(obj, "foo")...
Same could be true for verbs call... obj:(verb)(@args) same as
call_verb(obj, verb, args)... Also the possibilities to make a wrapper for
bf likes pass() would be nice (if such wrapper was possible, implementing
passable/unpassable verbs would be trivial, while right now it's not easy
to do in-db.)



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