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Re: wish lists

>If there are to be synyax changed, I would rather like see = bar;
>to implicitely call set_property_value(obj, "foo", bar), so a wrappers
>assignement on property assignement. (and of course bar =; would do
>an implicit call to property_value(obj, "foo")...

Hear, hear.  I've asked for this for YEARS.

>Same could be true for verbs call... obj:(verb)(@args) same as
>call_verb(obj, verb, args)... 

Perhaps with an optional fourth argument, representing "i know the verb
i'm asking about isn't +x, but CALL IT ANYWAY".  Of course, this would
quite possibly break an awful lot of "caller == this" checks but presumably
a wizard overriding call_verb() would take that into consideration.

Seth / Blackbriar
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