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Re: wish lists

a) allowing verbs to be called with the . operator instead of : operator,
   i.e. object.verb(args)

Why?  All this does is kill every JHcore in existence that has both a and a #1:name().  It gives you no extra functionality and makes the 
harder to parse and harder to understand.

b) a mechanism for encapsulating property references.
Now, d happens to be a large display panel in the square. When the property
changes, the number on the front does too. This is done by encapsulating the 

number property. When the above expression is executed by the server, 
of merely setting the property it calls d:_set_number(5) instead.


*I* think this would be extremely useful and reduce the amount and 
of code considerably, particularly integrated with (a). It would avoid the
extremely nasty o.description and o:description() `feature', for a start.

This is exactly what verbs are _made_ for.  Why not just write code to call
 d:_set_number()?  Calling a method for every single property read and write 
 impose severe overhead on a server that needs MORE speed, not more 

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