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Another suggestion

Okay... Another suggestion from me... How about a way to skip out of a verb
and continue parsing. 

For example. I put a 'laugh any none none' verb on myself, and a 'laugh none
none none' verb on one of your features, that would be impossible or
impractical to add into the code of your own laugh verb. So if you don't
type a valid player in the args, it passes back to checking if there is a
laugh verb on player.location, then checks dobj and iobj (both #-1, in this
case), then goes to the player.location:huh. The code for the verb might be
something like this.

if (!valid(dobj))
  "call abort(), or whatever we call the builtin";
  player.location:announce_all(player:title() + " laughs insanely at " +

Just another suggestion. This could be used for a variety of purposes, and
at the moment I don't think there's a way to do this in-db? I may have
overlooked something, of course, but there's my 2 cents.
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