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RE: Another dumb question...

From:  BeLFrY[]
Sent:  Friday, July 26, 1996 1:39 AM
To:  moo-cows
Subject:  Another dumb question...

(Oh well, better dumb questions then dumb mistakes!)

G'day again guys...

Another well-asked question...

 (Could someone pls point me to where these style of questions are   

$ == 1
(and compiled in)

Yet I get a "Cannot send mail: 503 Need MAIL before RCPT" error.

All help accepted with Thanks...!


You have a little tricky sendmail deamon on your net
to asking for that... But the change as to be made in
the $mailer (or whatever the name it has) and does
it like it asks:
put the string "MAIL FROM: <sender name>"
before "RCPT TO: <receiver name>" (hum... not sure about
the syntax of this one...)

I suggest you do an grepcore with "MAIL FROM:" in it
to find which verb you have to change.

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