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Re: MOO into C

>>>>> "Kipp" == Kipp the Kidd <> writes:

    Kipp> <snip snip -- stuff about assembely and disassembling...>
    Kipp> Yeah, it could panic the server, but why not allow wizard
    Kipp> access to reading/writing compiled code to/from a verb?
    Kipp> Things like @copy will be alot more efficent, and I could
    Kipp> beef up Paradigm's swapping :)

    Kipp> If a way of applying compiled code was made, wouldn't it be
    Kipp> easier (and wiser and faster) to make the DB save compiled
    Kipp> code rather than decompiled?

    Kipp> - Kipp

If compiled code was saved instead of decompiled, then the db would no
longer be portable.  It would be locked into a particular machine type
and operating system.

Perhaps we need the option to save the working db in compiled form,
yet have a utility that would decompile a saved db, so that it could
still be ported to other machines.

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