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Re: MOO into C

At 01:39 PM 7/25/96 -0500, Robert J. Brown wrote:
>If compiled code was saved instead of decompiled, then the db would no
>longer be portable.  It would be locked into a particular machine type
>and operating system.

I don't think this is true...  It's not compiled into true assembely, is it?
It's compiled into MOO's own little type of compact program...  While
machine behavior is different, I don't think MOO's compiler/decompiler acts
any different on different machines.

>Perhaps we need the option to save the working db in compiled form,
>yet have a utility that would decompile a saved db, so that it could
>still be ported to other machines.

If I'm wrong, yes this would be the way to go.

- Kipp

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