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Re: wish lists

From:  slayer[]
Sent:  Tuesday, July 23, 1996 12:40 PM
To:  moo-cows
Subject:  Re: wish lists

At 12:11 PM 7/23/96 PDT, wrote:
>Likewise, reading d.number would instead return the result of

>which wouldn't be defined in this case.
>*I* think this would be extremely useful and reduce the amount and
>of code considerably, particularly integrated with (a). It would avoid   
>extremely nasty o.description and o:description() `feature', for a   
>What do people think?
hmmm... isn't what you suggest more complex? Reminds me of the 'verbing
properties' thread that was going on earlier.. seems to me just having
object:description() do the number would be just fine.

I'm agree with slayer on this one... I know some objects
who didn't rely entirely on .description in their :description().
Some are context sensitive (example : rely on which kind of
player calls (it's a wiz, a guest?) ) and doing verbing properties
just make it more tricky to done (but still possible).

IMVHO, I really appreciate the already suggested dynamic type-casting
on user defined type and I think that loadable module (that's it... a
kind of MacMOO plug-ins) can be a good idea (maybe in run-time :).

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