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Re: wish lists

>I'm agree with slayer on this one... I know some objects
>who didn't rely entirely on .description in their :description().
>Some are context sensitive (example : rely on which kind of
>player calls (it's a wiz, a guest?) ) and doing verbing properties
>just make it more tricky to done (but still possible).

...which means that using verbed properties makes code that uses this 
*simpler*, since the caller doesn't have to worry about whether it's a true 
property or a verb. It just reads o.description and gets the right value. Of 
course, it's perfectly possible to do o:description() but hardly anyone does 
this, for some reason, introducing an inconsistency.

Actually, I've been having second thoughts. I don't think it would be a 
terribly good idea to modify the language very much; for what it does, it's 
fine as it is (except possible o.verb(), which is possible as a db-based 
filter rather than a server extension). Instead, I'd go for a *complete* 
redesign and rewrite from the ground up, basing the system on a true OO 
language such as Smalltalk. Trying to extend a system too far leads to 
something like Windows 95, which is *still* visibly based on CP/M...

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