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Re: Verb-line arguments

>'s an idea that I was thinking about while trying to get it
> sleep last night:
> What about verb-line arguments that are builtin, for instance running a verb
> with a -<argument> would do something different to the verb, for instance:
> -quite --> no text output
> -debug --> quicker than making it +d
> -wait<#> --> wait to call the verb
> -fork<#> --> for the verb a # of times (may need to be wiz-only)
> -showobj --> shows the obj # that is sending each line.
>      like:
>      #9876>> The cat jumps up.
>      #9877>> A man comes along to get the cat.
>      #9876>> The cat runs around the room.
> -showverb --> like above but also shows the verb name.

You could do all that very effeciently with $do_command() and 
force_input(), and a $bf_notifify() bf wrapper.


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