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Re: Verb-line arguments

On Thu, 25 Jul 1996, RICHARD JACOB CONNAMACHER wrote:

> >'s an idea that I was thinking about while trying to get it
> > sleep last night:
> > 
> > What about verb-line arguments that are builtin, for instance running a verb
> > with a -<argument> would do something different to the verb, for instance:
> > 
> > -quite --> no text output
> > -debug --> quicker than making it +d
> > -wait<#> --> wait to call the verb
> > -fork<#> --> for the verb a # of times (may need to be wiz-only)
> > -showobj --> shows the obj # that is sending each line.
> >      like:
> >      #9876>> The cat jumps up.
> >      #9877>> A man comes along to get the cat.
> >      #9876>> The cat runs around the room.
> > -showverb --> like above but also shows the verb name.
> You could do all that very effeciently with $do_command() and 
> force_input(), and a $bf_notifify() bf wrapper.
> Phantom

With all the babble going on.. maybe in my uneducated opinion I dont know
what I'm missing but damm if that don't look like exactly something we
need. Aside from the abilty to run a #2 or wiz only verb for an emergency
dump to a different local.. but something like that wuld not only help
prevent lots of spam you see in many moo's that I know I get tired of as a
wiz and player.. but also track down run away forks.. verbs problems and
many other things faster and more effiecient. and like most folks with me
time is money.. so if I'm here I'm having fun and relaxing but as the
Internget grows folks are offering jobs. WEb designing and if you can
learn things like java or pueblo or one of the other many languages you
can write your own ticket almost.

"My babbling 2 cents for today :)


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