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Funny @egrepcore <regexp> results...

G'day all...

Ok... I'm going through "Upgrading LambdaCore to 1.8.0" (from web) as 

In part 20 it instructs me to do the following:

> @egrepcore verb_%(info%|args%|code%)([^),]+, tostr(
> get rid of the tostr()s around any such variables found.

I go through the resultant verbs... find the shown lines... and fix them 
as instructed.

However, one of the results from @egrepcore is:

#6:@exam*ine [ArchWiz (#2)]:        info = verb_info(what, tostr(i));

I @edit the verb...

   only to find that no such line exists within the listing.

Any ideas... help... (what have I done wrong?)

Many thanks...!!!


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