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RE: MOO into C

From:  dg[]
Sent:  Wednesday, July 24, 1996 3:06 PM
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Subject:  Re: MOO into C

>If all meaningful programs will decompile, does that mean they are
>reversable and that a decompiled optmized method will recompile into a
>usable form?

That was what I was meaning, yes. If so, then integrating an optimiser   
be as simple as a optimise() builtin (you'd still have to write it, of
course). If optimised code is *not* decompilable, then things would be a   
more complicated because you'd have to save the text version or the
unoptimised version of the code for making future modifications.

>I write code like this all the time.  I've been known to do:
>if (valid(object = (su = $string_utils):match_object(the_string)))

Ah, so some of the horrible obfuscations in LambdaCore are *your* fault.   
Religious wars over code style aside, I prefer slightly verbose but   
understood code, and I would like it to *stay* that way unless I   
say I want it optimised, rather than mysterious behind-the-scenes

And why keeping exactly the original code as their are wrote?
I know that a programmer style can be important but I'm still
see MOO like a "Programming-School" Ward. The decompiler can
put the code in a more readable way than some programmers
(like me ;) do.

But, for such transformation, I really think that a standard
form of comments are required, almost for the "copyright" and
for let's other (and the author too... :) understanding what
happens in that.

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