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Re: [APROG] :notify()

Quinn <> writeth:
>I may be wrong, but I recall reading long ago that :notify does what it does
>to leave open the possibility of sending extra arguments.  :tell, on the
>other hand, would have trouble parsing extra arguments (for example, those
>to the builtin notify()), since it gobbles up all the args into tostr().
>Besides, since it expects a complete string, any :notify method can be as
>simple as 'return notify(this, @args);'.  It's the LEAN :TELL.

Moreover, since the tostr(@args) is done in tell (in Lambda Core
anyway) this operation would be performed twice for each :tell
verb.  Since tell is easily the most called verb in a typical
MOO, this is not a desireable place to perform redundant operations...


Tom Ritchford,

    Verge's "Little Idiot" -- Music for the mentally peculiar.


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