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Re: (wish list) re: connection_ip()

100% agreement here.  Uh-HUH!

connection_ip() and connection_hostname() functions which return ONLY
"" and "" would be dandy-fine.  connection_name() could
still be used for whatever purposed people use that port info.

The names are rather fucked, though.  Maybe connection_name() should be
renamed to connection_info() or something.


At 05:58 PM 7/30/96 PDT, Mike Thompson wrote:
>How about just breaking it up completely, let
>all network functions take IPs by default, and
>allow DNS to be done through new builtins.  This
>way you can solve some of the problems of *listing
>sites with there IP for example, then DNS kicks back
>in and the person can get back in.  Also DNS resolution
>might be useful in db for other things.


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