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Re: $news

At 12:53 PM 7/31/96 PDT, Edward Goff wrote:
>Well help on $news suggestions that you create a child of the generic news
>item. Edit it like a note then move it to the $news_agent. But then gain I
>have an OC 94 Db which I like that is A) not full of bugs like the new on
>B) has all the nice new features of the new on. (Granted  me and my
>wizards have done it.) and C) is streamlined so excess BS has been cute
>out. :)
many MOOs I've seen use that kind of $news system, where $news is a
container and holds $news_item (or $news_article). However, this is not the
$news that comes with LambdaCore.

By the way, most of the "bugs" in the newer db come from people downloading
that core and version 1.8.0p5 of the server; the Dec95 db was still intended
for 1.7.9p2 and needs to be modified, so do older MOO's who do the upgrade.
The Oct94 database, while still available, has lots of security holes on there.

P.S. I think excess BS is cute.


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