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Re: List operations (Was: More LPMOO stuff)

> It would save you the extra time of *typing* length(list).  The length
> will still have to be evaluated.  In either case it's O(1), since list[0]
> contains the length (it's inaccessible from MOOcode).  I don't think you
> can argue that this would be a performance improvement.

You mean, if I delete those if(thingy==0) return E_RANGE; endif lines, 
then list[1..list[0]] will return the same as just 'list'?  Wouldn't this 
both make things easier, and be a teenyweeny optimization?  Could someone 
make up a patch for this... or tell me where this code is so I can tinker 
/w it?

- Kipp 

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