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ADMIN: Bandwidth used by moos?

I am in the middle of one of those "it's a horrible waste
of resources" fights.

The powers that be have got it into their heads that moo is a
"high consumer of bandwidth".

As we are volume charged, they are naturally concerned.

However, they have also just installed another lab of machines
using Netscape, so I think they are being a bit silly :).

Anyway.. I am running my moo on an Ultrix workststation - any way
to track the amount of traffic that is going over the moo?

I can then use what is happening on my moo to make a case for
people being able to use moos outside the Uni.

Pointers to suitable software, or to other people's statistics
gratefully received.
Zebee Johnstone                       
Southern Cross University			ph: +61 66 203 280
Lismore NSW 2480


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