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Re: ADMIN: Bandwidth used by moos?

Kipp the Kidd scribbles :
#On Wed, 16 Aug 1995, Zebee Johnstone wrote:
#> The powers that be have got it into their heads that moo is a
#> "high consumer of bandwidth".
#The only way I know of is to restart your MOO... after 24 hours of
#operation, type 'ps -axC|grep moo' and tell the powers what it reported...
#I'd guess your MOO takes up about 5-10 minutes of CPU time a day, since
#the MOO is often sleeping, because nobody is logged in :)

The point is, we are discussing bandwidth not CPU. The two things
aren't necessarily correlated. For example, LittleItaly slurps easily
tens of minutes of CPU a day and it would slurp even more if it wasn't
competing with other programs.

Now to the problem: I think that the solution is usins some sort of
inetd monitoring tool that counts the number of packets/bytes entering
and exiting one particolar port of an IP address. This is a typical
root administration tool whose name and manner of operation depend 
highly on your HW and OS. Ask your friendly sysadm, and he will surely
know how to do it. Sysadms live for this kind of stuff :)

Omaggi, Walter

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