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Re: ADMIN: Bandwidth used by moos?

< > The powers that be have got it into their heads that moo is a
< > "high consumer of bandwidth".
< The only way I know of is to restart your MOO... after 24 hours of
< operation, type 'ps -axC|grep moo' and tell the powers what it reported...
< I'd guess your MOO takes up about 5-10 minutes of CPU time a day, since
< the MOO is often sleeping, because nobody is logged in :)

Uhh, that wouldn't be bandwidth, that would be system load (and if they are
on a sysv system, they cannot do the above anyway).

For bandwidth, I can think of a few resources available for generic users
to get the information.  First, just use common sense.  An average telnet
connection may take up a whopping 300 bytes / second over your wire.  If you
have 50 people logged in, that means you are hogging a whole 15 kilobytes
of a line which is probably a T1, having a bandwidth of ~5 megabits.
(Looks like we have to pull out the big guns fer this rapscallion Guido).

If you want actual statistics, reboot the machine, run it for 24 hours
_without the moo running_ but everything else as you would normally do,
then type:

    netstat -s

This will return a bunch of network information, keep the tcp stats around
(I don't believe MOO uses udp?).  Then reboot again, and run the MOO for
24 hours (doing the same basic stuff you did the day before).  Then run
netstat again, and compare the numbers.

Now do the same on your a server machine :)

Basically, if they are complaining about bandwidth, tell them to get a clue
and start measuring it, not randomly tossing about accusations.

If they are complaining about system load, that is another matter, and you
are probably out of luck because MOO + a sizeable db slams a machine into
oblivion.  If that is your problem, I would suggest finding a different
driver (like CoolMUD, ColdX, LP, etc).

I am sure there are other methods of monitoring your bandwidth, but the
above are the most simple.

-Brandon Gillespie/Lynx-

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