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Re: MacMOO

On Thu, 24 Aug 1995, Bryan Snyder wrote:

> I'll i Need to KNow is where and if i could donw load a MOO core for mac.
> I knbow that there is one out there (i have been searching) but where is it?
> Also Is there one for dos or windows?
> Bryan
> WizardMOO

you don't seem to understand.  A core is run by the server, and most, 
including the lambdaMOO core will run on any machine with any MOO server.  
You can get any core to work on any computer that can handle a MOO server.
The MOO server would the what you're looking for.  There is a MOO project 
going on to get it to work in windows, and dos, but nothing completed.  
If you REALLY want a MOO on your IBM, convert to linux.

- Kipp


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