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Re: MacMOO

On Thu, 24 Aug 1995, Bryan Snyder wrote:

> I'll i Need to KNow is where and if i could donw load a MOO core for mac.
> I knbow that there is one out there (i have been searching) but where is it?
> Also Is there one for dos or windows?
> Bryan

A _CORE_ is a database, not a program.

What you want is a MOO _SERVER_ to load a core into (and run it).

There is NO server available for MSDOS or Windows.
Others on this list have indicated there might be one for Macintosh. (But 
I have no idea where it might be found)

If you have a 386PC, you _could_ run the Linux operating system on it, 
which is a GNU Freeware version of unix. Then you could use the standard 
LambdaMOO server on that. Note that installing and running Linux is not 
easily done by someone who is not very experienced.


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