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Re: Too Many Verb Calls


How does your verb cycle to the next round?  If it is using a while() 
loop, things should be ok...but you can quickly run into trouble if 
you're using recursion.  If you would, please e-mail me the verb in 
question and I'll take a look.

What server and/or core are you using?

Justin Dobbs

On Thu, 24 Aug 1995, Joe Shaw wrote:

> > On my MOO, I have a combat system.  Now, the combat system calls alot of 
> > verbs for each round of the fight, and after about 20 rounds, I get a 
> > traceback, with the error 'Too many verb calls'.  Is there any way to 
> > stop this?
> Don't make that many verb calls. :) Really though, I've programmed combat 
> many moons myself and unless I get myself into a infinite loop, I never 
> get that error. Try to merge as many verbs as possible.
> Joe

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