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Re: MacMOO

At 8:06 AM 8/25/95, Matthew Wojcik wrote:
>>The MOO server for Macintosh is getting more and more out of date.
>>Another option *might* be to run MachTen personal ($500), and run the
>>MOO off of that. MachTen runs in a Macintosh window; it doesn't take
>>over your computer like Linux does your IBM-PC.
>>Whether or not it's at all efficient, I dunno; haven't had a chance to
>>test it yet.
>I dunno how MOO under MachTen would be (I'd imagine not great cause of the
>various overheads), but my boss runs MachTen on his powerbook and speaks very
>favorably of it.
>It's got a nice X server, too.
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If I remember correctly, Joe and I once tried running LPMOO on MachTen, and
we had a number of DB corruption problems - MachTen was definitely the
problem, as we tried starting from scratch 2-3 times.
Of course, that's LPMOO.  LambdaMOO might (And probably would) fare differently.

Matt Pauker

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