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Re: New Wiz needs help

Madhu Rao scribbles :

#Is there a way to enable automatic guest creation every time a new player 
#logs in (setting up an upper bound).

I don't understand exactly what you need to do ...

If you are worried about not having enough guest objects in the
MOO, you can create as many as you want - on LittleItaly we have
8 guests (largely because everybody had a pet favourite name for
the guest).

Even if you were to create large numbers of guests (hundreds)
that would not be a problem for the server. It costs exactly as
much as creating large numbers of players.

If, on the other hand, your concern is that you don't want to
have too many guests connected at the same time, you can 
fiddle with the $login verbs and disable the guest login if ...
Or you can decide on some kind of policy like :

IF there are max_guests guest players connected
AND there is one guest that has been connected for more than 1/2 hour
THEN boot () that guest (with a nice message)
ELSE print "Sorry, no guests available, try later" message

I hope I haven't totally misunderstood your question.

Omaggi, Walter


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