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Re: New Wiz needs help - guest creation

Madhu Rao scribbles :
#I wish not to create guests objects beforehand, but to automatically 
#create a guest character when some on types 'connect guest' and define 
#max number of guests in $login. So whenever someone connects as guest - 
#they get a randomly generated guest character -is that possible 

I don't completely understand why you would want to do this - however
if you wand different descs for every guest, and you want them to 
change at every connection, you can 

- if you really want to create them on the fly, you have to modify
  $login:connect - but I most emphatically don't reccomand that.
  connect is a bit tricky, and if you place a bug in there, you 
  can manage to lock yourself (and everybody else) out of the
  MOO for good.
  Besides, I see no good reason for creating and recycling guests.

What I'd advice you to do, instead, is

- create the maximum number of guests allowed _beforehand_, and
  write a $guest:confunc() that changes the description, the name,
  and everything you want on the guest

I am cc:ing this to the list, so that if I am saying nonsense
(the chance exists), someone more knowledgeable can stop me.

Omaggi, Walter

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